Hospital bag – Where to start?

I’m pretty sure you will have heard or seen so many different suggestions for what to pack in your bag ready for the big day because that was me!

So confused as to what I would need or actually use and you can easily get carried away with all the different bits and bobs for your baby and we completely underestimate how much we actually need – So the one major tip I would say to any mamas is DON’T forget about yourself! The reason I am making a point on this is because I was the one who was left on the bed wondering where half of my things were as my bag (little suitcase) was jam packed full of baby things – half of them I didn’t even use!So this is what I would pack in my bag as well as for my baby.

For you:

  • Clothes – Spare clothes for after birth plus a loose night dress or loose trousers – dressing gown and slippers for comfort
  • Underwear – loose comfortable and plenty of them also take full advantage of the disposable pants they can provide in the hospital
  • Breast pads and really big maternity pads for postpartum bleeding – as there is A LOT! (even after a C section as I soon realised)
  • Wipes to freshen up plus toothbrush, hair brush, dark towel and makeup if desired – I never touched my makeup till at least a couple of weeks after birth!
  • I also found lip balm to be super useful due to the hot dry atmosphere
  • Camera/ phone with charger, headphones for music and magazines as it tends to be quite a long process (especially if your labour is being induced like myself or in early stages)
  • Spare change for any refreshments or car parking
  • Most importantly your maternity notes!

For Baby:

  • Sleep suits – 2/3 in New born size (We started in tiny baby as they fit a lot better even though he was 8lbs 2oz also try buy the ones with the scratch mitts sewn in
  • Baby grows – 3/4 New born (just in case you have any accidents it’s good to have a couple spare)
  • Going home outfit whatever your preference with a hat as it helps the baby regulate their temperature so they will ask for a hat as soon as you give birth – this was in my case with me having a c section
  • Muslin cloths or bibs – 2/3 as baby will be feeding at 2 hourly intervals on average – This is why I found Muslin cloths so much more useful!
  • Baby wipes or cotton wool
  • New born size 1 Nappies – one pack of 24 should be fine (Aldi’s 99p!)
  • Baby socks and blanket/swaddle
  • Car seat if needed although most hospitals check that you have one before you leave

What to buy for Baby?


If you are pregnant (whatever stage), trying to get organised for your little bundles of joy and struggling to get organised with what to buy or where to start then LOOK NO FURTHER
I have you mamas covered!
10 basics of what I needed and found useful!

Moses Basket The first thing I would personally purchase is a Moses basket, next to me crib or somewhere for your child to sleep in the early months – I used a plain cream Moses which was perfect for my requirements.

2. Mattress for the Moses There are a selection such as memory foam, spring, microfiber and a few more. The one I used for my little squishy was a basic foam as it was recommended to me but this is to your preference

3. Sheets These can be purchased from loads of places such as eBay, amazon or any major supermarket at great prices (like i said previously who doesn’t love a good bargain). Personally I would buy 3, that way I would always have one spare if one is in the wash and you have an accident – You could buy more if money isn’t a problem

4. Swaddle blankets Through personal experience swaddling my squishy has been a god send due to him being a big baby he was used to being squished in my tummy so he likes to be wrapped up with his arms tucked in – extra plus is they look like adorable little burritos ☺

5. Bottles or breast pump if breastfeeding/expressing Due to my own health I fed my little one formula from the get go and the bottles I have always used and will continue using are Tommee Tippee as they are really comfortable and easy to hold
I purchased the Tommee Tippee starter kit from Argos RRP £79.99 which also had a steriliser, bottle warmers, bottle brush and a dummy/pacifier which was a great find and I still use it now so go and check it out!

6. Nappies/cream and bags I have personally tried various nappy brands however I’ve always reverted back to Aldi as the price is amazing (99p for 24 new born size 1) and they never leaked or was a problem.
Would suggest getting 2 packs new born to start as my little chunk was 8lbs 2oz and was in that size for a good month or so and bags can be easily bought from Aldi also for pennies!
Cream I’ve always used is Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment and that has been amazing for my squishy and that’s what they prescribe at the doctors for nappy rash! Just keep an eye out for any skin irritation or any worsening of the skin!

7. Wipes I’ve always used Johnson’s water wipes and love them as my partner gets them from amazon priced at £10 for 18 packs (last us at least 3 months!)
Other alternatives are Aldi or Asda however these brands I find the quality is definitely not as good as Johnsons and they tend to be slightly on the thin side!

8. Bibs/muslin cloths I never even used a bib on my squishy until he was at least 3 months as the Muslin cloths are a GODSEND. They are big enough to clean up all the mess needed and i used them for everything as it was just easier and for 3 cloths for £1.50 at Primark you really can’t go wrong and you will thank me I’m sure!

9. Baby bath I have a basic Baby Bath from Asda RPP £9.99 and it has been super useful. Lightweight, good size and it has a water line where you should fill it too with a really easy pull plug to empty (great price and great product so what’s not too love)

10. Last but certainly not least is my amazing Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine RRP £85 Argos – now if you’re wanting to make life a hell of a lot easier this will become your best friend! Makes bottles in two minutes to the perfect temp every time (my son is so impatient so it’s literally an angel in product form)
The only downfall is the Oz it starts at is 4 but it only takes an additional minute or two to cool the bottle if you’re doing 1-3 Oz!

There you go, there is my 10 basics that I have used and mostly still do any questions get in touch or if you want any more info get in touch
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From one Mama to another



You’ve got this!

During these few short months since having my little squishy there has been so many times I have sat on my sofa while my son is fast asleep and just thinking WHAT DO I DO?

In the eyes of society I am still a baby myself! now I am a mother with a completely helpless little squishy to take care of like feeding him, changing him, comforting him, knowing the different cries and what they mean plus 100 more things on top of my list, still with the house work to do, keeping up with the washing, making sure the pots are done (or semi done) You get the picture…

Me + Baby = MESS!

Then I slowly came to the realisation that other things can WAIT! The pots are still going to be there, the washing still needs to be put in the washing machine but right now the priority is making sure my son has all he needs and is happy and content – when he’s not crying.

I then took the number one piece of advice I was told once having him and that is …….. NEVER be afraid or ashamed to ask for help because if you aren’t well yourself, Who is going to look after your baby! Don’t get me wrong, this was the hardest thing for me because I felt like a failure!


As time went by I realised I’m not a failure and I have got this, I am his mother and he needs me so If you’re ever feeling down or find yourself asking ‘what am I doing?’ Look at your little tiny squishy or your cute baby bump and know YOU are the Mummy, They need YOU and YOU have got this!

From one Mama to another,


Mama and Baby time
Cuddles with Squishy are the best

Hello Squishy!

Well what can i say, becoming a mummy is one of the most rewarding amazing transitions I have ever made in my life! To start out me and my hubby to be are going about our daily lives, paying bills, going out to eat when we wanted, enjoying being a couple (we were like young dumb lovebirds) THEN our lives changed forever…… PREGNANT!!!!!

Squishy at 6, 12, 16 and 20 weeks

We couldn’t have been happier then the reality hit me like a ton of bricks when my adorable little squishy made an appearance late last year. GOODBYE sleep, time and money BUT the advantages by far outweigh the not so good parts. Endless cuddles from a perfect little human I created, the twinkle in his eyes every time he spots me and who doesn’t love cute baby feet and hands, not to mention all the beautiful clothes that are available for great prices!

His first day in the world!

My life has changed forever and i wouldn’t have it any other way as I love my amazing son with every inch of my being…… but it would have been nice to at least be slightly informed of the good, bad and the ugly!

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