I’m pretty sure you will have heard or seen so many different suggestions for what to pack in your bag ready for the big day because that was me!

So confused as to what I would need or actually use and you can easily get carried away with all the different bits and bobs for your baby and we completely underestimate how much we actually need – So the one major tip I would say to any mamas is DON’T forget about yourself! The reason I am making a point on this is because I was the one who was left on the bed wondering where half of my things were as my bag (little suitcase) was jam packed full of baby things – half of them I didn’t even use!So this is what I would pack in my bag as well as for my baby.

For you:

  • Clothes – Spare clothes for after birth plus a loose night dress or loose trousers – dressing gown and slippers for comfort
  • Underwear – loose comfortable and plenty of them also take full advantage of the disposable pants they can provide in the hospital
  • Breast pads and really big maternity pads for postpartum bleeding – as there is A LOT! (even after a C section as I soon realised)
  • Wipes to freshen up plus toothbrush, hair brush, dark towel and makeup if desired – I never touched my makeup till at least a couple of weeks after birth!
  • I also found lip balm to be super useful due to the hot dry atmosphere
  • Camera/ phone with charger, headphones for music and magazines as it tends to be quite a long process (especially if your labour is being induced like myself or in early stages)
  • Spare change for any refreshments or car parking
  • Most importantly your maternity notes!

For Baby:

  • Sleep suits – 2/3 in New born size (We started in tiny baby as they fit a lot better even though he was 8lbs 2oz also try buy the ones with the scratch mitts sewn in
  • Baby grows – 3/4 New born (just in case you have any accidents it’s good to have a couple spare)
  • Going home outfit whatever your preference with a hat as it helps the baby regulate their temperature so they will ask for a hat as soon as you give birth – this was in my case with me having a c section
  • Muslin cloths or bibs – 2/3 as baby will be feeding at 2 hourly intervals on average – This is why I found Muslin cloths so much more useful!
  • Baby wipes or cotton wool
  • New born size 1 Nappies – one pack of 24 should be fine (Aldi’s 99p!)
  • Baby socks and blanket/swaddle
  • Car seat if needed although most hospitals check that you have one before you leave

Published by Jodie

20 something year old winging motherhood. I love being a mum and would like to shine a light on the truth behind 'momming' help mums or expectant mums out by sharing my experiences and anything that takes my fancy! So sit back, relax and enjoy my true honesty

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